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Auto Push Zones - a fully automated study, created by OFE, that runs on Sierra Chart

What's Included  with Push Zones:                                   

Life Time Access

Including all upgrades at no additional cost

Use on any Market,    
On any Time Frame

Audio alerts can be customized, for any market on any time frame, to alert you real time when a Push Zone has formed and control has either confirmed in the same direction or shifted the other way.

Keeps you aware of potential opportunity forming on a chart that you might not have your eyes on.


Especially valuable when following multiple markets!

Futures - Forex - Individual Stocks

Day trading - Swing Trading - Position Trading


I use Push Zones on different futures markets, on mostly intra-day time frames, including ES, NQ, YM, CL, Ten Year, Soy Beans, 6E, 6B, and 6A, among others.

In the forex markets I use them on all the major pairs, on multiple time frames.

In the equity market I use Push Zones on different stocks, on mostly higher time frames, sometimes in conjunction with option trades.

Audio Alerts
Daily Trade Room Access
Quick & Easy Installation

The Members Trade / Chat Room runs every trading day from the Sunday night globex open to the Friday afternoon close.

This is where members congregate daily and ask questions on anything they need clarification on.

I share my screen and we discuss real time trading opportunities and set ups on different markets, current market bias and smart money & stop run activity.

Once you sign up and I activate you - everything you need will download automatically through Sierra Charts - there's no need for you to manually install anything.

You'll receive an email with easy to follow video instructions on how to get the Push Zones up and running smoothly.

Ongoing support is only a phone call or email away, plus you can ask any questions you have, anytime you like, in the Trade / Chat Room.

1) Sign up for Push Zones

2) We'll activate you 

3) The Push Zones Study will download automatically through Sierra Charts

4) Use Push Zones for 30 days on any markets you prefer.

5) If you don't find Push Zones to be useful to your trading just email us on and we'll promptly refund you with no questions asked.

Quick & Easy Installation
Member Tool Box
& Weekly Videos

I email weekly instructional videos that pertain to Push Zones & OrderFlow, and real time application in the markets - often showing how I use Push Zones to enter and manage trades in different markets.

You'll have access to these and other Order Flow videos that are stored in the tool box.

Monthly Training Webinar
No - Risk Guarantee

Training webinars are held once a month,

usually after hours, either on a week night

or a Saturday morning.

Push Zones Are Fully Automated  & Can Be Used
On Your Charts or With The TT Dash Board
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